Women's Ministry

Justin Perry

FBC Women's Ministry

We live in a culture that is more "connected" than ever before. With cell phones, email, and social media information is instantly at your finger tips. While information comes and goes easily relationships, true lasting meaningful relationships, are becoming a thing of the past. The Goal of our women's ministry is provide ladies of all ages an opportunity to truly connect. We believe these connections should be rooted in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a shared interest in following Jesus at Church, Home, and the Workplace.

We design each event, activity, and Bible study to be an "Iron sharpening Iron" experience. You may be raising a head strong toddler, or a baby who won't sleep through the night, or a teenager looking for independence and through our women's ministry we believe you will find a community of Believers who have "been there and done that" and who can offer support and encouragement. You might also be dealing with a lost or caring for aging parent, or be experiencing marital problems, like wise we believe you will find a network of support centered in Gods love and His Word. You might also just be looking to build strong friendships with Christian women and have fun doing it in a safe Christ-centered environment. If this is you come and be apart of what God is doing in and through our Women's Ministry at FBC.

For any further questions or information Contact Pastor Justin @ 573-244-5565 or by email: pastorjustinperry@gmail.com