Typical Sunday Morning

What to expect if you come to FBC Viburnum


Do I need to dress up if I come to your church?

We welcome you to come as you are to worship with us. You will see a mixture of suits & ties, jeans and t-shirts, and everything in between.

What can I expect during your worship service?

We design our worship services to include congregational singing, scripture reading, prayer, giving, special music, and preaching. We do our best to honor your time and typically end our service as close to noon as possible.

What kind of music do you sing?

Currently our worship style could be described as traditional, but with the mixture of special music and choral singing we include many musical genres.

How would you describe the preaching?

Our staff holds to the method of preaching that is known as expository preaching. We believe that the main point of the text should be the main point of the sermon, and our pastor strives each time he opens the Bible to explain the main point of the text and from there make appropriate application to our lives; examples can be found in the Podcasts link above.