Sunday School

Justin Perry

Sunday School Each Sunday Morning 9:45-10:45am

The goal of Sunday School is to provide all ages with an age appropriate class were they can learn to know Jesus as Lord, Grow in Faith, and share Gods love. We firmly believe the deepest level of spiritual growth takes place in small groups. We believe people need an opportunity to ask questions, share their struggles, and learn from those who have been there and done that.

Look below to find a class that fits you.

Class - Teacher

Babies and Preschool S.S. Nursery/Nursery Coordinator - Sharon Trask

Kindergarten S.S. Teacher - Toreen LaRue

1st-4th Grade S.S. Teacher - Jennifer Perry

5th-12th S.S. Teacher - Leah Gibbs, Avery Gibbs, Katie Halbert

Adult I Class S.S. Teacher (Coed) - Justin Perry

Adult II Class S.S. Teacher (Coed) - Willie & Kelley Sutherland

Adult III Women’s Class S.S. Teacher - Paula Clements

Adult II Women’s Class S.S. Teacher - Cheryl Mayfield

Adult II Men’s Class S.S. Teacher - Dustin Decker

(Roman Numerals indicate age group of class "I" being younger adults, "III" being older adults.)